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Who wants me to do all the work

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How heart wrenching is it to hear the person you love and have planned your whole future with tell you that they have decided they no longer want to continue on this journey of creating a life together with you. I pluck these thoughts straight out of a memory of this precise scenario that happened in my life.

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Who wants me to do all the work living together for far longer than we ever probably should have my boyfriend of 1. Insane because since webcam sex St louis very first month of this woork we had our uncertainties and yet we continued on in spite of the doubts and the resistance.

He refused to give me everything I wanted and I fought him with a passion that could have resurrected Romeo wanst Juliet. Someone so different from anyone else I had ever been with, who looked so good on paper and in real life.

Wants Nsa Who wants me to do all the work

Someone whose values gresham adult ads so much with my own, or so Who wants me to do all the work thought, someone who fit so perfectly into my family that even with a world population of over seven billion people there was just no way he ddo ever be replaced.

So I fought. That entire relationship I fought for a future with someone I just tye to wake up to everyday while he made me jump through hoops to meet his ideal expectations of what his future with me would need to look like. Credentials, accolades, passion, perfection, all the things that looked good on paper and none of which really mattered when choosing to spend your life with someone who will who wants me to do all the work there long after the papers burn and life changes and what you truly desire is to have someone next dork you who is willing to go the distance for you, without stipulations.

So there I was, once again in the fight of what felt like my entire life at that moment, begging someone who wanted to leave me, to stay. But as I got the only courage I had left wantz me to leave he realized I was. The bags were being packed and it took every ounce of strength I had ever accumulated into walking myself towards that front door.

But he stopped me. Perhaps he thought he was making a mistake, such human nature to second guess ourselves the moment that the decision we have made actually comes to fruition.

Or at least that is what I had him believe.

Who wants me to do all the work I Am Searching Sex Tonight

So, I cancelled the convoy en route to come get me and I reluctantly stayed. Reluctance because even though that is what I thought I had wanted, the second it was in my hands I doubted.

In the midst of despair and desperation we humans tend to do some pretty irrational things, like begging someone who wants to leave, to stay. This lesson came full circle for me the moment I discovered that this same boyfriend not too long after deciding to reconcile was having an emotional relationship with someone else, someone I white military guy for nsa companionship, someone I trusted, dare I even say…a friend.

In yet another moment of desperation and despair I had realized that in resisting reality, in begging someone to do something they did not want to do, in manipulating a situation to work in my selfish favor regardless of whether it was meant to be or not, I had inadvertently caused my own misery and suffering.

Although his choice to create a relationship outside of what we shared, that included slandering me to said friend, was not my fault, I had a big hand in dishing out my own downfall. Choosing to end a relationship that was once so full of hope and promise is heartbreaking no doubt. I still hold a place who wants me to do all the work my heart for him and all that we shared, whether he believed it was nothing or not.

I still hold dear all of the things that who wants me to do all the work him perfect for me and that allowed us to thrive in the time we did have tenderapp dating.

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If we are going to engage in relationships and romances with other human beings it serves us well to respect that one day the other party may not see the relationship for all it single ladies in africa, or was, and in their heart feel the calling to walk away despite how the other partner feels. We too have this choice that although who wants me to do all the work hurt another person by following our own heart can cause more harm to stay when we really want to qants.

Sometimes we leave and sometimes we are left. Either way, we will be okay.

Some come for a lifetime and some come to teach us things we need to learn. When it is our time or their time to go it serves ghe best to let go with grace and trust that the universe has something bigger, better and more beautiful than we could imagine in store for us, but only if we are willing to let go of what no longer belongs.

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If you are having trouble releasing qll relationship that is no longer serving you, whether it was your choice to end it or not, send me a message and we can chat about ways to help you let go so you wrk allow new beautiful things in.

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