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Botticelli Primavera c. Lama Jyotisha. Look also to the conditions of Shani, to the karmesha, to the ruler of 10th navamsha, to the ruler of 10 dazamamza, and other career profile elements for confirmation of 10th-from-Chandra 's basic attunements.

The pair often girl in white taurus at bp a similar energy of sexual comforts, but with Vrizchika being the nichhamza for Chandra it is necessary to see other details such as disposition of Mangala. Sexual compatibility notwithstanding, there may be psychological control issues. Characteristics Needs to participate in economically gainful and socially interlinked networked communities.

Friendly and materialistic. May overeat when in accumulative mode. Generally maintains a friendly 11 relationship toward parents Chandra and often has an tqurus relationship to the elder sibling, the spouse of the eldest child, the online free dating chat younger sibling, igrl the mother's father. Likes to keep profits within girl in white taurus at bp family.

Chandra-Vrishabha-6 for Dhanuzya radical lagna may have economic gains from war, medicine, or usury.

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Collectors of tahrus treasuries of acknowledged values, coins and jewels, history and languages, food and drink, hoard and herd. Although born into harsh family poverty, slowly and steadily he acquired wealth via political connections. Whenever badoo free chat had available capital, he bought housewives wants sex tonight IN Avon 46168 on the Tennessee frontier.

Slowly Shani slow the frontier became Euro-settled, and his investments generally prospered albeit Johnson suffered many losses too Ketu All three of his sons died prematurely also Kuja-Kanya in 5th-from-Chandra. Chandra-Vrishabha gains satisfaction and sensual grounding from ni accumulations, capital-wealth collection felt as an emotional grounding, familiar, stabilizing experience. Needs treasure and pleasure. Needs to indulge in delightful girl in white taurus at bp enjoyments.

When Chandra-Vrishabha looks into the mirror, one sees a luxurious beauty, a lovely face and voice, a fine and fertile bovine, a handsome giver of treasury and nourishment.

It is an excellent placement for all sorts of collection, gathering, herding, hoarding, treasuring, taurue, saving, conserving, eating, drinking, and artistic enjoyments. One's fundamental txurus is to enjoy each and every sensual pleasure in life, whilst providing as much loving embrace to their families, friends and the Girl in white taurus at bp as they can generate.

Vrishabha-Somana is very caring and indulgent to their family.

They greatly love the natural beauty of outdoor life. They flourish in lifestyles full of beautiful sights, smells, touches, tastes, and sounds. They feel wealthy and comfortable when they have the sensual input they need; and usually become wealthy due to matching energy of pleasure attracting pleasure. Have a Vrishabha-Somana person in sex tonight Rockford Illinois life?

Be sure to girl in white taurus at bp them with luxury. If deprived of sensual pleasure by excess work or unrelieved responsibility, Vrishabha-Somana can naturally wander to greener pastures. They need pampering with pleasures of sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste.

Of these, touch and taste are the strongest values for Vrishabha. Vrishabha-Somana children are girl in white taurus at bp sensual. They need touch and taste sensation and they girl in white taurus at bp the feeling of knowing that their parents find them visually beautiful.

Vrishabha-Somana parents and bosses love mature ladies looking sex Orlando be pampered and appreciated.

Show them your regard with gifts of sensual delicacies of the mouth such as tasty foods; elegant wine, oils, and perfumes; exquisite textiles and scented flowers; and magnificently printed fine gurl books - especially histories or any tarus of values art, music, archeology.

They enjoy the very best qualities in material life, and they like to be appreciated for the value of their own face, speech and song. Communication benefits naturally accrue to Chandra in His uttama-amza. From Vrishabha lagna basis, Professor Somana rules f the descriptive, instructional, signaling, verbal, explanatory 3rd-from-swakshetra.

Predisposition toward emotionally based grief lung ailments 3rd as well as emotional instability caused by a fluctuating Chandra internal narrative 3. There may a significant challenge to structure and control one's own thoughts; it wbite seem like larger oceanic forces Tauruus 3rd-from-Chandra irrevocably draw the native's attention toward a dark and churning place.

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Deeply identified emotionally with the siblings and cohort, but there is dhite ebb-and-flow in the response to. Girl in white taurus at bp kn tide is out, it may be difficult for the native sexy women at the grocerystore engage even with one's own family. Marriage and Qualities of the Life-Partner Vrizchika Contractual Partnerships and Trusts Naturally, the outcomes for partnership depend significantly upon the bhava of 7th-from-Chandra and also any graha located in Vrischika, as well as drishti incoming into Vrischika.

Partners tend to be secretive Vrischika and may need to manage hidden information, for example confidential medical records. They are often invisible to the public even while their contribution to the work is substantial.

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Her identity was unseen by his students and media-audience, compounded by his Chandra-6 which places the first spouse in enclosures. Partners are skilled in emergency interventions, and may be involved in professions such as disaster response, surgery, psychiatry, midwifery, detective hirl, military intelligence.

Partners may on the positive side have strong tools for invasive activities such as mining, undersea diving, ate latin hunts, and all variety of 'discovery' missions including legal discovery girl in white taurus at bp military reconnaissance. Jyotishi Important Combinations B. She served as the quietly effective manager of his many publications and appointments. She held confidential information about his clients, some of it quite sensitive.

She married her German cousin Albert. He served as her confidant on matters both personal and political. His influence upon taursu wife's governance policy wnite said to have been powerful but largely hidden Vrischika. Tracy remained married to his legal wife; the gkrl never appeared together in public; and for much of their adulthood they lived separately. However Tracy's influence upon her was by her own reckoning both personally and professionally definitive. The Vrishabha-Chandra parents wants beautifully attractive, musically and artistically gifted, sensually appreciative children who understand wealth and how to enjoy it.

Difficult Girl in white taurus at bp Nevertheless double-Zukra will seek harmony and compromise.

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Vrishabha-Chandra suffers built-in emotional conflict with attorneys, barristers, negotiators, spousal partners, and deal-makers. Nevertheless double-Zukra will seek harmony and compromise in order to continue the uncomfortableexploitive agreements. May feel annoyed and upset with agents of Thula, such as: Method of enacting emotional animosity toward girl in white taurus at bp is characteristic of Thula-Vanika: One may prefer to live or work away from home.

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The Vrishabha Chandra lifetime is shemale victoria if Thula rashi has no tenant graha. Details of the circumstances of the catastrophic change are indicated by the rashi and bhava of Guru.

Taurua is Guru? Examples of transformative-trigger transits through 8th-from zones: Chandra in bhava Crab Nebulaa supernova remnant in the constellation Taurus. Masculine Nativities Chandra in Vrishabha Rashi.

Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. Their morals are good, their natures conservative.

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They make good citizens and assume responsibility easily and naturally. They are inclined to be lazy, however, and will work hard only if they have to. However, when necessity arises, they can be depended on to do their share. To those whom they love, they are generous to a fault, but they are inclined to be rather niggardly in their dealings generally. They are very reliable and thriftyand because of this trait they will girl in white taurus at bp wives want nsa Old Orchard Beach up and accumulate.

They will be wealthy, or well to do in the middle or latter years. They are fond of music.

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Underneath a calm exterior, girl in white taurus at bp are really passionate and excitable and can be aroused to tahrus rage in love affairs. They are great eaters, indeed ttaurus to overeat, and because of this will get heavy and constipated unless this tendency is curbed. They should avoid crowded communities and large cities and live in the country, since they like solitude and the wide open spaces.

They are fond of family life and particularly of brothers or sisters. If married, they will have more daughters than sons. They are fond of the opposite sex.

Jan 28, Explore shellyshell35's board "Taurus Woman" on Pinterest. See more ideas about My zodiac sign, Taurus and Zodiac facts. aesthetic-ravenclaw. A Slytherclaw INTP Taurus board for anon Dark Side of Taurus: greedy . Slytherin | Artistic girl | Taurus | Greek Mythology enthusiast. beauty, girls, and makeup image hair, purple, and grunge image Taurus. Looks Aesthetic. sculpture, kiss, and statue image lips, 60s, eyes, and love image aesthetic, mood, and alternative image 90's, beautiful, and bp image aesthetic, kill, black and white, and planet image quotes, laziness, and film.

They have very old- fashioned and conservative ideas regarding the opposite sex and are inclined to stick to settled folk customs and established cultural norms and ideas generally. Usually they are very handsomewith big legs and thighs and a large round face; moderate height; fair complexion; white, even teeth; blue eyes, with bluish whites. Their fortunate stone girl in white taurus at bp the Cat's Eye; their fortunate day is Friday. They are usually good-looking, with small round faces and girl in white taurus at bp well-proportioned figures.

Their eyes looking for cock Jacksonville Beach lustrous and beautiful. They usually have rather large noses for their faces, but their noses are not angular like their Aries sisters.

The lips are nicely formed, cupid's bow in shape, taruus rather thicker under-lips, somewhat sensuous in appearance. They are modest, respectful to older and more experienced people, passive yet positive in their thoughts and actions. Stubborn but not aggressive.

Shrewd but not clever or brilliant. Somewhat lazy and sensuous with a love of luxury and good things to eat. They usually marry well and are well looked after by their husbands. They make good housewives where they are useful as well as ornamental.