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From out of town and a little lonely Look Hookers

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From out of town and a little lonely

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Nasty Little Lonely are a powerhouse. Fusing elements of Industrial Music and grinding Noise Rock with infectious hooks should be a contradiction of terms, yet the unit pull it off with ease.

Charlie sneers through her vocal with the disgust of a young Nick Cave, and an inflection reminiscent of Kat Bjelland of the perennially underrated Babes in Toyland. Join our mailing list for the latest news.

Sign up. Michael Edward - michael lonernoise. Buy album.

View on Bandcamp. Wicked Vicious 2: Wicked Vicious Remix 2: Glitter - Single Nasty Little Lonely.

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llittle Glitter 3: Glitter Remix 4: Ugly Vitamin 3: Ugly Vitamin Remix 3: Sounds like a whole bunch of left of centre bands you'd love to crack out at the best Halloween party and nothing you've ever heard before.

A truly inspiring listen. Imagine the blender is in the flat of a twisted video where everything is made out of putty and slime. Recording sounds ace, nice work!

Pound Of Flesh 3: Say What You Want 3: Lizardbrain album version 3: No Way Back 3: Snake Oil 3: Lick By Lick wives want nsa Niskayuna The Priest 3: Machinery album version 3: Dead In The Water 2: Bad Jack 4: Throw Me A Bone from out of town and a little lonely Blood On The Floor 3: Machinery oht Son Of The Flies 3: Lizardbrain 3: Turn The Screw 2: Jesus Complex 4: Download track.

This track is a collaboration between Nasty Little Lonely and Martin Grech, written and recorded when he started guesting on drums in It's a reflection on the hatred and blame culture generated during the Brexit campaign.