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First phone conversation with a woman I Am Wanting Nsa Sex

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First phone conversation with a woman

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I'm only going there bc I've had ladies say they don't do uncut and it's awkward when they don't know what do do with it.

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After courageously asking the woman of his dreams for her phone number in the Player's way, Johnny eagerly waits a full week — as he was advised by his friends — before picking up the phone and dialing her number.

Starting to feel nervous. Uh, yeah, well I really enjoyed talking to you last time and thought I'd give you a buzz.

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Thinking to herself, I'd like convsrsation you to buzz off like an insect Hm, listen, can you call me back in five minutes? I've got to take care of.

Hi, I'm not home right now, so please leave a message at the sound of the tone — beep. Hi Mary, it's Johnny.

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I'm just calling you back, but I guess you're busy, so I'll call later on. Uh, yeah, Mary, it's Johnny.

I'm just trying to get in touch with you. I guess you're still busy, so I'll leave you my number. It's Hi Mary, It's Johnny.

Starts crying. Why didn't you call me? Why don't you pick up the phone?

Why are you ignoring me? Anyways, I wanted to ask you out to a movie.

How does Friday sound? Let's say about 8 p. I'll call you to confirm.

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The first phone call is the most important one. Sure, you have her number, but nothing has been won.

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Now you have to make her want to see you again, and the phone firsy your only tool. You only get one chance, and it all depends on the impression you'll make with the first phone conversation, as well as the length of time that passes before you call.

The only way you'll put the right foot in her door is by following the Player's rules.