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The pressure pattern called the North Atlantic Oscillation

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Fun With Negative Numbers Next Week

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canadian goose jacket You move to San Diego because you want consistently lukewarm, sunny weather. Florida is balmy much of the year, but a miserable sauna during the summer. Arizona? A fine choice, if you don’t mind living in a DESERT. canadian goose jacket

Minnesota? We’re relieved if the mosquitoes are small, if the hail is only pea size or less and December temperatures reach freezing. Yesterday, with bright sun, light winds and mid 30s it felt pretty good out there. Admit it.

2016 was the wettest year on record for the Twin Canada Goose Parka Cities. Accurate, reliable data goes back to 1871. Every month was milder canada goose clearance sale than average, and in spite of 20F a few Sundays ago this month should be no exception. We end 2016 on a relatively mild note, with 30s into Monday.

Models hint at a few inches of snow, possibly plowable, Monday into Tuesday, followed by single digit highs and subzero lows the latter half canada goose clearance of next week. Pretty typical for January. Next month may be partial payback for a 9 month boating season in 2016. Partly Nanook

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Canada Goose Coats On Sale New Year’s Eve Map. The map above shows 12 KM NAM guidance valid 7 PM Saturday evening. Rain is likely over the Mid South and Ohio River Valley with a little wet snow for Columbus, Cleveland and Buffalo. More heavy showers push across southern California with a rain/snow mix pushing ashore over Washington State. Otherwise the weather looks quiet and seasonably chilly Saturday night. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Canada Goose Outlet Snowfall Into Saturday Evening. Lake effect snows will kick in, but the heaviest amounts fall over interior New England as a rapidly strengthening Nor’easter pulls moisture inland. No heavy snow for major east coast city centers cheap Canada Goose not yet. Map: NOAA. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap Wild Winds. Air accelerating into the center of Canada Goose Jackets a low pressure “bomb” off the coast of Maine will reach speeds as high as 60 mph I wouldn’t be surprised to hear reports of power outages along the coast. Montana also experiences near hurricane force winds over the next 48 hours. buy canada goose jacket cheap

uk canada goose 10 Day Snowfall Forecast. This is GFS data, showing the heavy snow falling on interior New England today (Boston may see wind gusts over 50 mph); lake effect downwind of the Great Lakes, and more heavy snow from the Pacific Northwest into the highest peaks of the Rockies. Accumulating snow for San Antonio, Texas by January 5 6? At this canada goose outlet point I wouldn’t rule anything out. uk canada goose

canada goose coats Temperature Correction Next Week. Keep in mind the average high now is 24F, so temperatures run a good 5 10F warmer than average into early next week, before dropping off by midweek. I think our January Thaw came early this year. ECMWF numbers for the Twin Cities: WeatherBell. canada goose coats

canada goose Partly Nippy. Temperatures trend a few degrees above average into Monday, and then the mercury drops about 30 40 degrees by Thursday morning. Not even close to record territory, but cold enough. Graphic: Aeris Enterprise. canada goose

One Week From Today. Although not as harsh as December 18, when the Twin Cities woke up to 20F, temperatures will be very January like the latter half of next week with subzero lows for the northern Plains and Upper Mississippi Valley. The rest of the USA: chilly, but certainly not ridiculously cold.

The Dangers of Hypothermia. A slow drop in body temperature, hypothermia can be fatal if not caught in time. NOAA has good advice on symptoms and prevention: “When your body temperature sinks below 96F, you have hypothermia, a serious health hazard that occurs when body temperature is lowered to much. Get medical attention immediately. Move the victim inside to a heated location and begin warming the center of the body first. If the person is unconscious, administer CPR. Hypothermia can occur in temperatures as warm as 60F, particularly in water or with if you are outside a long time and not dressed for the weather. Of the approximately 1,300 people the CDCP lists as being killed by hypothermia each year, most are seniors, according to the National Institute of Aging, but some are children and young adults. Everyone needs to be careful. Some medicines, problems with circulation, and certain illnesses may reduce your ability to resist hypothermia. As you age, your body becomes less efficient at letting you know when you are too cold. In addition, older people tend not to shiver effectively, one of the ways the body warms itself up. Remember these tips to help prevent hypothermia:

canada goose uk black Canada Goose online friday Dress in layers Wrap up well when going outside in the cold. Avoid breezes and drafts indoors. Eat nutritious food and wear warm clothes to ward off winter chill. Wear a warm hat in the winter. Eat hot foods and drink warm drinks several times during the day. If you live alone, ask a family member of neighbor to check on you daily or have a camera installed that a family member can view on their computer. Ask your doctor if any medicine you’re taking increases your risk of hypothermia. Drugs that may cause a problem include barbiturates, benzodiazepines, chlorpromazine, reserpine, and tricyclic antidepressants.” File photo: NOAA. canada goose uk black friday

The Dogs of Winter May Start Howling Again Soon. by late next week as the mild weather pattern of the last ten days buy canada goose jacket begins to fall apart. There is still a lot of uncertaintyabout whether or not this pattern will lock in or if this will be just a temporary blast of cold before milder Pacific air takes back over. The big clue to these changes is the temperaturesin Alaska and Greenland. It’s been quite cold over Alaska over the past two weeks, but the long range NOAA and Euro models show a strong ridge canada goose coats on sale of high pressure in the upper troposphere building back over the area later next week. This will turn winds aloft over Canada back to the Canada Goose Outlet north and steer an Arctic air mass southward. The pressure pattern called the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) canada goose deals is heavily dependent on Greenland pressure, and when the pressures go up, the NAO goes into what forecasters call the negativephase.”

canada goose uk outlet Map credit: “This is the NOAA GFS Ensemble. It’s an average of many model runs, and the ECMWF Model run in the UK is also showing much the same. This adds Canada Goose sale confidence to the forecast. Note the rising pressures over Greenland as well. This would correspond to a slight negative in the NAO.” canada goose uk outlet

Good News on a Depressing Topic. Scientific American magazine outlines some of the study’s findings and other evidence. The investigators in the study did not initially question canada goose black friday sale the acceptance of SAD as a real condition, and they did expect to find a correlation of more occurrences at higher latitudes. In other words, they went in to their work expecting to learn more about SAD, rather than to raise questions about its validity. Instead, what they and the Centers for Disease Controland Prevention found (the CDC had done a large, detailed phone survey) was quite to the contrary of what had been widely accepted for three decades.”

canada goose clearance Study Finds Seasonal Affective Disorder Doesn’t Exist. Here’s a summary of recent research at Scientific American. canada goose clearance

canada goose store Photo credit above: Steve Burns. Tornado Deaths in 30 Years. No mega outbreaks this year, so there was some good news in the weather department. Here’s an excerpt from USA TODAY: “From floods to wildfires, 2016 featured several weather disasters, but a big, deadly tornado outbreak was not one of them. Tornadoes killed only 17 Americans this year, the fewest in 30 years and the second fewest since accurate records began in 1950. In 1986, 15 died, which is the least on record, according to the Storm Prediction Center. (Unofficial records from before 1950 show only one other year with so few deaths: 1910, with 12.) The number of tornadoes was also well below average this year:901 reported through Dec. 27. An average year sees 1,061 tornadoes, according to data from the prediction center. This made it the third quietest year in the past 10 years.” canada goose store

Canada Goose Jackets Map credit: 1059 preliminary tornadoes in 2016, according to NOAA SPC. Canada Goose Jackets

Severe Thunderstorms Down Under. Check out a severe thunderstorm warning; a 60 minutes “Nowcast” issued for Melbourne, Australia, last night. The graphics come from the Australia Bureau of Meteorology.

Year of the Flood: The Nation’s 10 Most Extreme canadian goose jacket Weather Events of 2016. Jason Samenow reports at The Capital Weather Gang: “In 2016, of all the weather events to affect the nation, four stood out: a hurricane, a flood, a drought and a blizzard. These four were historic and extreme, setting numerous records and affecting large areas. Unfortunately, they caused a great deal of suffering and economic losses. Six other storm events, which were more localized, round out the top 10. Tornadoes were not among this year’s most significant weather events. This year was, generally, a quiet year both in terms of the overall number of tornadoes and tornado fatalities. Much more than wind, in 2016, water (or, in one case, lack of water) caused the lion’s share of weather related deaths and damages. Weather or Climate Events of 2016. Meteorologist Marshall Shepherd has a good overview of another manic year of weather at Forbes: “Like any year, 2016 wascharacterized by a range of weather climate events in the United States. On its website,NOAA’s National Center for Environmental Indicators tallied 12 weather or climate related disasters with economic losses greater than $1 billion in the United States as of September. Flooding (4 events) made up most of the list. WBAL weather anchorMiri Marshall, reflecting on the Ellicott City, Maryland floods said, “I have never seen rainfall rates like this in my career and I’ve forecasted in Texas.” It was certainly a “wow” moment in weather to see more than 3″ of rain in roughly 30 minutes.” There were a lot of “wow” moments, and since the NOAA analysis is only through September, it doesn’t even include Hurricane Matthew.”

Doppler radar loop: Hurricane Matthew on October 6, 2016.

4 Ways To Become a Weather Forecast From Your Backyard. Crowdsourcing of weather information is becoming increasingly valuable consider becoming a professional SKYWARN observer too. SKYWARNis the official weather spotter training program run by the National Weather Service (NWS). The program is a short, free course run by local NWS offices several times every year. It teaches you the basics of spotting severe and hazardous weather, and properly reporting that weather back to the NWS. SKYWARNspotters are a critical part of the early warning system in the United States. Accurate reports of tornadoes, damaging winds, hail, and flooding sent to the NWS by trained storm spotters have helped meteorologists issue severe weather warnings with enough time to save lives.”

canada goose uk shop A Celebration of Clouds: From Space, Earth Has an Elegant Atmosphere. Here’s an excerpt of a good read at : “Earth has been referred to as “the blue planet” due to canada goose store its abundance of water. “The cloudy planet” would be equally appropriate. At any given time, about two thirds of Earth’s surface is covered by these masses of water and ice particles suspended in the atmosphere. Clouds can be a nuisance for scientists trying to use satellites to observe features on the surface such as volcanic eruptions, floods, or phytoplankton canada goose coats blooms. But for some scientists, clouds are exactly what they want to see. Clouds help make the weather and affect Earth’s climate, and they can make a difference in the success or failure of efforts to simulate both. (Correctly representing clouds in climate models, it turns out, is really hard to do). But sometimes, clouds manifest in such a way that they simply inspire awe.” canada goose uk shop.

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