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Buy isoptin tablets

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Information about Isoptin.

Use in Patients with Impaired Renal FunctionAbout 70of an administered dose of verapamil is excreted as metabolites in the urineVerapamil is not removed by hemodialysisUntil further data are availableverapamil should be administered cautiously to patients with impaired renal functionThese patients should be carefully monitored for abnormal prolongation of the PR interval or other signs of overdosagesee OVERDOSAGE

Check with your doctor immediately if any of the following side effects occur while taking verapamil:

Skinarthralgia and rashexanthemahair loss hyperkeratosismaculaesweatingurticariaStevens-Johnson syndromeerythema multiforme.

Cardiovascularangina pectorisatrioventricular dissociationchest painclaudicationmyocardial infarctionpalpitationspurpuravasculitissyncope.

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