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Alavert d for sale

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Usage, warnings, side effects, and community information for the prescription drug alavert allergy.

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Information about Alavert.

Advai HA coms in a pupl plastic inhal with a spaat mtal canist containing th mdication. 2 Dnot us th Advai inhal with oth mdications. Dnot us oth inhals with th Advai canist. Lav th canist in th inhal whil claning. 4 Onc a wk, wip th small hol wh th mdicin coms out with a clan cotton swab. Wip th mouthpic with a clan, damp tissu. Allow it tai dy. Thow away th canist and inhal whn th count ads 000. You hav usd all th mdication. Styou Advai HA at oom tmpatu (68? and 77?). 1 Avoid high hat lams.

Advai is us in adults and childn wha at last 4 yas old. Advai HA is us in adults and childn wha at last 12 yas old.

Patints agd 12 yas and old, th dosag is 1 inhalation twic daily, appoximatly 12 hous apat.

Onc you asthma is und contol, you doctmay want you tstop using this mdicin. Kp all ollow-up appointmnts and dnot stop using th mdicin unlss you docttlls you to.

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