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Advair vs flovent cost

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Information about Advair.

Advai ® HA [patint inomation]. sach Tiangl Pak, NC: GlaxoSmithKlin; 2014.

Inhald coticostoids, such as luticason popionat, can caus thush, a ungal inction in you mouth. 3,4 You can hlp tpvnt this by insing you mouth with wat at using th inhal and spitting out th wat.

Advai HA coms in a pupl plastic inhal with a spaat mtal canist containing th mdication. 2 Dnot us th Advai inhal with oth mdications. Dnot us oth inhals with th Advai canist. Lav th canist in th inhal whil claning. 4 Onc a wk, wip th small hol wh th mdicin coms out with a clan cotton swab. Wip th mouthpic with a clan, damp tissu. Allow it tai dy. Thow away th canist and inhal whn th count ads 000. You hav usd all th mdication. Styou Advai HA at oom tmpatu (68? and 77?). 1 Avoid high hat lams.

Impovmnt in asthma contol ollowing inhald administation ADVAI DISKUS can occu within 30 minuts bginning tatmnt, although maximum bnit may not b achivd 1 wk long at stating tatmnt. Individual patints will xpinc a vaiabl tim tonst and dg symptom li.

Th inomation at is not a substitut mdical advic. Always consult you doctphamacist.

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2 common side effects associated with taking advair include, but are not limited to 7 .

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